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Amanda Charlene Sutherland, 2018

Amanda Charlene Sutherland is a woman suffering from mental illness who has uploaded many videos to YouTube. She is a veteran of the Navy and the mother of three children. Amanda's children were taken from her by Child Protective Services (CPS), assumingly due to the deterioation of her mental health and her refusal to take medication. Weeks later Amanda would attempt to take her children back, violating a protective order and resulting in her arrest. Amanda would then lose her home.

After being released from jail in early 2018, Amanda was homeless. She booked a hotel room in the Shreveport, Louisiana area. In the following weeks, Amanda would make her way across the country, staying in various hotel rooms along the way. During this time she made several threatening videos to various people, including faculty at Louisiana State University Shreveport (LSUS), whom she blamed for setting off the chain of events that ended with her losing her children and home. These threatening videos ultimately ended in another arrest, after being tracked down in Seattle, Washington by federal agents.


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Amanda enrolled at Louisiana State University-Shreveport (LSUS) some time in 2015. She was removed some time in 2016. In one of her earlier videos she talks about how she professed her love to her botany professor, Matyas Buzgo. Later she would blame him for her being removed from LSUS, subsequently setting off a chain of events that would result in her losing her children and her home. It is unclear how long Amanda was a student at LSUS.



Amanda Charlene Sutherland, 2018 arrest, mugshot

  • 11/09/2016 Assault, violation of protective order. Served 15 months. Released 02/08/2018.
  • 02/19/2018 Made threats to staff at LSUS. Bail set at $500,000. Currently awaiting sentencing.


Rough Early Timeline

  • [At some point between 2010 and 2015 she either leaves or is medically discharged from the Navy. It appears Steven Pauly stayed in Arizona when Amanda moved back to Bossier City.]

More Accurate Recent Timeline





  • Malachi, Asher, Tristan (Note: Amanda mentions them by name in several videos)


  • Emily Grace Sutherland
  • Jonathan A Sutherland
  • Debra L. Sutherland
  • Teresa Pauly (Steven Pauly's daughter with his first wife.)

People and Personalities


  • Matyas Buzgo: (a professor at LSUS with whom Amanda became infatuated, and who would later be one of the professors she would threaten. Amanda believes it is Matyas who "sent her to the concentration camp", perhaps implying that Matyas is the one who initially reported her behavior to university personnel. This is what may have resulted in her being removed from campus, her being mentally evaluated, and kicking off the series of events that would lead to her losing her house and kids.)
  • Elizabeth Bida (another professor at LSUS Amanda threatened. Amanda believes Matyas and Elizabeth may have had a secret relationship which sparks jealousy with Amanda. Amanda also believes she will receive a large money inheritance (billions) from Elizabeth.)
  • F. King Alexander , LSU College President who was also threatened in a video by Amanda.
  • Beverly Burden (another LSUS professor whose voice Amanda makes fun of.)

Celebrities and Popular Figures

Fellow Inmates (during 2016-2018 jail sentence)

Personalities/Other People in Her Life/Unknown

  • Samantha (sometimes refers to herself using this name, usually in a British voice)
  • Aprianda Godbody (another name she uses to refers to herself)
  • It (referring to herself or others)
  • God (referring to herself)
  • CQ (referring to herself)
  • Foust
  • Parker Self (Bossier City Judge)
  • Bill Cassidy (Louisiana U.S. Senator)
  • Walters (either CPS caseworker or police officer)
  • Bogg (CPS caseworker or police officer)
  • John Montgomery / Blondie Parker (transsexual deputy at Bossier Max prison?)
  • John Levitt (Lieutenant in the Navy who reported Amanda's behavior, and what led to her being removed from the Navy, 2015. "Very truly yours" corroborated here and here)
  • "Fly and Tucker"
  • Hale-Bopp (the comet, refers to herself using this name)
  • Ukura Kodra Kutu
  • Brendan Knudson (bio) (Church staff, apparently. Amanda appears to have been interested in Brendan at some point. Brendan also has some connection to Doug Batchelor. Perhaps at a church camp Amanda attended, or something similar.)
  • Melanie and Graham (somehow connected to Brendan Knudson, some issue with a "tag", perhaps auto related?)
  • Rex (prophet Rex? church staff related?)
  • Ellen Gewai / Katherine Ironwood (?)
  • Emory (possible high school friend)
  • Pat Cummins
  • Travis / Anna Childers (Possible roommates? Travis took Amanda's dog?)
  • Williamson (name possibly conflated with Marcus Samuelsson)
  • Shane McWilliams (staff, possible corrections officer at Bossier Max)
  • James Spainhour (bail bonds)
  • Frank Johnson aka Jelly the Clown
  • Jason Porter (staff at Bossier Max)
  • K. Elmore (staff at Bossier Max)
  • Jonathan "Poindexter" (high school friend)
  • Tony/Sabrina/Tanya Butler (pastor/wife/daughter respectively, Amanda was friends with the daughter)
  • Doug Batchelor (another pastor with some connection to Tony Butler)
  • Chief Orologas (he gangsacked her in 2002?)
  • Michael / Craig (referring to the founder of Craigslist, Craig Newmark, Amanda seems to have bought some shoes from Craigslist at some point.)
  • Sergeant Porter
  • Ker / Shawn Mercer / Marion Wayne
  • Teresa Martinez (Amanda's caseworker at the VA)
  • Carter


Piecing It Together: A Theory

Amanda enlists in the Navy. Travels country. Meets Steven Pauly while stationed in AZ. Years pass, has 3 kids. Mental illness grows. Eventually gets medically discharged from the Navy. Moves back to Bossier City. Steven stays in AZ. Decides to enroll in college at LSUS. Gets kicked out. CPS takes her kids. Decides to forcefully take her kids back and assaults bus driver and sheriff's deputies. Goes to jail, loses her house and her truck in addition to her kids. Gets out of jail. Just wants her old life and her kids back. Feels wronged by everyone. Can't understand it's because of her mental illness. Decides to gtfo. Takes bus to San Francisco. Makes videos threatening employees at LSUS and others, blames them for ruining her life. Gets evicted from hotel for smoking. Takes train to Seattle. Boards bus to Spokane, WA. Arrested.


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